Friday, June 17, 2011


In Israel for summer will post more soon.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blog switch up

1 for airsoft
1 for fishing
3 for both

Thanks for the opinions guys I will be posting about both fishing and airsoft.

Btw Does any body know what type of fresh water fish could of ripped my 45pound metal line? All I know is that it was dark green on top and it could also be a salt water fish like a snook that adapts to fresh water.
Thanks for the help once I catch the monster I'll post pictures.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Blog switch up

hey guys i was wondering if u prefer airsoft over fishing because once summer started I have more time and i started fishing more often. I have a cannal near my house so i go fishing there and i caught a snook even tho its fresh water. I also almost caust a huge fish but it snaped my 45pound metal leter.

Dont forget the Question is Airsoft or Fishing?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

School Finals

I'v been so busy this last week i have my finals coming up on Tuesday All I'v done is study study study. I decided to take a break and update my blog. I might not be posting anything for the next week because of my exams but once i'm back i promise ill be putting some good posts.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Make your own gun

I found a really cool site were you can make your own gun. It gives you a list of gun parts and from there you put it together and can mix parts.    That is a picture of guns i made.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Airsoft sites

Some good airsoft sites Good sites nice pictures and videos normal price Cheap prices, good deals, decent pictures and videos normal price bad pictures and videos good prices, decent pictures and videos

Have fun shopping

Saturday, May 14, 2011

New Pimped out M4

                                                    My Airsoft Gun: Costumed KWA SR10
This was not my first gun i got but rather my second my first was a cheap plastic gun. This is my newest gun and i plan on keeping it and just keep upgrading when needed.

                                                           My First Gun The UMP!
                                      It wasn't that bad its good for a beginner CQB player

Monday, May 9, 2011

Choosing a gun

First you need to know what kind of role your gonna play whether  its sniper, rusher, camper, or support gunner.
From there you will need to choose a price range. Next you will need to choose the type of gun you want.

Cheap guns are around $100
A decent gun is $150-200
Good Guns are $200+

Cheap guns would be good for young children 8-10.
A decent gun would be good for a beginner or a experienced player that plans on upgrading and modifying
Good guns are recommended for experienced players. When you have an expensive gun you should clean it often.

Before buying a gun you need to check if it comes with a battery and what kind of battery. If the gun comes with a battery and you are a beginner to airsoft you should probable stick with the battery it comes with usually a 8.4v. If the gun comes with no battery you should check if the gun is lipo ready and if so consider a lipo battery but first read more about it on a different blog or website. If the gun is not lipo ready then you should get a 9.6v for an average rate of fire.  

For a cheap gun just go to Walmart and see what they have there.
Decent gun brands are G&G, JG, Matrix, and Echo 1 USA.
Good gun brands are Ares, KWA, Tokyo Marui, G&G, H&K, Classic Army, and ICS

Type of gun is all up to you. The only thing I can tell you that you should take in mind is that m4s are the most upgradeable. Other then that the type of gun is for your liking.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Airsoft vs paintball

. Realistic guns
. Cheap (cheaper then paintball)
. not very painful
. not dirty

. Not very realistic guns
. Expensive
. very painful
. dirty

I prefer airsoft

I would recommend airsoft for someone that is more into realism. Not just the guns are realistic but so are the vests and clothing. Airsoft being less painful is not a good thing because people can cheat. One of the biggest reasons I like airsoft more is because there is no paint to clean because the smell is just horrible and stains.
Airsoft is just slightly cheaper then paintedball but not by that much.

I would recommend paintball for someone that wouldn't mind spending some more money and doesn't care to much about realism. Paintball is better the airsoft because when you hit someone they will get out from the pain of getting hit. Paintballs down sides are the paint staining and the smell so I would recommend using clothing you don't need.

Over all they are both good sports but it just depends on what interests u have.