Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Airsoft vs paintball

. Realistic guns
. Cheap (cheaper then paintball)
. not very painful
. not dirty

. Not very realistic guns
. Expensive
. very painful
. dirty

I prefer airsoft

I would recommend airsoft for someone that is more into realism. Not just the guns are realistic but so are the vests and clothing. Airsoft being less painful is not a good thing because people can cheat. One of the biggest reasons I like airsoft more is because there is no paint to clean because the smell is just horrible and stains.
Airsoft is just slightly cheaper then paintedball but not by that much.

I would recommend paintball for someone that wouldn't mind spending some more money and doesn't care to much about realism. Paintball is better the airsoft because when you hit someone they will get out from the pain of getting hit. Paintballs down sides are the paint staining and the smell so I would recommend using clothing you don't need.

Over all they are both good sports but it just depends on what interests u have.


  1. Like yourself, I also prefer airsoft.

  2. There are two things I've always wanted to try, I've shot a gun of each a few times, but never got into anything huge with them. I'd probably go with airsoft those, one I'm bad with pain, and two I like realism. Good post, cleared up some things I never realized between the two.

  3. I've done paintball a few times, but that was before airsoft came about, and I haven't tried that yet. I wasn't a fan of how painful paintball can be sometimes.

  4. I agree, paintball smells horrible. But I just cannot get into airsoft as much. I feel more active in paintball, since I absolutely do not want to be hit. Bruises like a mother! I find myself taking too many risks in airsoft because I know it won't hurt.

  5. <3 the pain. Keeps people honest.

  6. In both airsoft and paintball, the crucial piece of equipment is obviously the gun, but there are differences in the types of accessories needed as well.